2 Common Things Artists Overlook When Promoting Music

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To effectively promote your music, you have to appreciate the art and the business involved in becoming a successful recording artists. The art is easy to appreciate, but many artists find the business end to be a tedious task. The business part is easy to appreciate with success, so to help you achieve that success here is a list of 2 things that can be easily overlooked when growing a fanbase for your music.

1. Get your music out there to be heard

It's easy to overlook the simple fact that music comes first. So before marketing your music to potential fans to increase record sales, make efforts to simply get people to listen. Promote your song that has the potential to connect with the mass of your target audience. This could be accomplished by creating a song with a shocking message, or making a song that has mass appeal. Remember people need to find a reason to be passionate about your message. Once you've done this then you can start thinking about distribution and sales.

2.  Live Performances

Live shows are essential and are the foundation of building a strong loyal fanbase. People have the opportunity to really engage with you and your music during live performances. It also gives you the chance to reach a large audience. These are also great promotion opportunities that won't cost you anything. Imagine, all the people using their smartphones to communicate on Twitter and Facebook to share content during your live performance. You are also able to use that same content for later promotion campaigns. Live shows are your number 1 sales pitch.

Try not to forget that promotion is all experimental. Each campaign is different and will have different results. Learning from your mistakes and maintaining persistence is key.

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