7 Rules For Better Songwriting

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1. Write in the moment.
So many times I've had song ideas that sort of crept up. My best successes have been when I stopped what I was doing and wrote the ideas down. At best, grab your mic and get to work, but at least jot it down. I've even sung lines into my phone so I can remember melodies for later. Keeping a notebook nearby is definitely a necessity for songwriters.

2. Don't be afraid to view songwriting as storytelling and role playing. Use songs to explore things you might not have experience with. For example, I have been happily married 14 years and have a family. Still I have written many songs about late nights with women. In my experience it helps bring mental and emotional balance.

3. Write songs that you like to sing and that you like to hear. If you write music you enjoy, you'll always be happy. If others catch on and enjoy them as well, that's just gravy.

4. Listen to other artist's music. One way to expand our musical vocabulary is to draw inspiration from other artists.

5. Get Feedback As Often As Possible. Be fearless with your songs but get feedback and allow people to be honest, that way you will start to learn what really works.

6. Say it Differently. We all know that there are common themes in music, 'love' is most commonly used. Using themes that work can be a good thing, but you should always try and expressing it differently.

For example, Beyonce said “Drunk in love” instead of “Fall in love”. She invented a new phrase to say the same thing a million other songs have said before and it worked perfectly!

7. Take Regular Breaks. Have you ever worked on a song for 4 hours straight and been completely disappointed with the result? It happens to us all. In those moments its best to take a break to come back with fresh ears. Taking regular breaks gives you the opportunity to step away from the song and return later refreshed with new ideas along with the ability to see things from a new perspective.

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