8 Reasons Why Your Mixtape Isn't Getting Much Play

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95% of the music uploaded online isn't being listened to.  Why?  Most times it is due to poor planning. I have listed 8 reasons why this may be happening so you can increase your plays.

1. DON'T ONLY TWEET ABOUT YOUR MUSIC... Try starting out with "Hello!", don't just send random tweets with links to your mixtape. Engage in conversation with potential fans.

2. DON'T SPAM... tweets show up on your profile.  That will stop people from following you because you start to look like a spammer and followers start to unfollow because you are clogging up their timeline.

3. YOU SENT SENT OUT WMA FILE FORMATS MUSIC... WMA files can be played but it requires you to download it instead of just being able to preview it online. Only send MP3 formats.

4. OVER USE OF DJ... A DJ shouting all over a song will ruin the listening experience. Go for a DJ that will enhance

your music and image. Also it helps to use a DJ who matches your style of music.


6. UNPROFESSIONAL GRAPHICS...Most times the mixtapes cover is more important than the music itself. It's all about appearance. Invest the money in an experienced graphic designer.

7. YOU NEVER FOLLOWED UP WITH ME ABOUT FEEDBACK...When you send out your mixtape or ask someone to listen, make sure to stay in contact for feedback.

8. YOU DIDN'T UPLOAD IT TO A MIXTAPE WEBSITE... Mixtape websites are the easiest and greatest way to get tons of exposure world wide. Most mixtape websites are free.

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