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  When the Beats by Dre headphones first came out, they caught my attention. Of course my initial evaluation was based on looks, because of their sleek and modern design. And of course their marketing did a great job of promoting them in various music videos.  So I decided to test them out for myself and see if they held up to all the hype.

The Solo HD looks great and offers a great fold-able design which allows you to take them just about anywhere. They also have ControlTalk technology which allows you to answer calls and have conversations while they are plugged into your cellphone/smartphone. Specifically designed for the iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

The HD's also differ from the regular Beats Solo's in style. Instead of having a matted finish they are glossy, and sturdier because a lot of buyers were commenting about how easily the regular Solos could brake. And this issue definitely has been addressed, because my Beats Solo HD have survived multiple falls and stretching due to accidental drops. As far as the noise cancellation, Beats Solo HD definitely drown out any surrounding sound. And as a self proclaimed headphone connoisseur, this is the best part about them. I enjoy listening to my music without any interruption and sometimes I just enjoy being able to escape from all the noise around me when I am traveling through airports. All in all, I would define the Beats Solo HD as a quality pair of headphones, though you could get other headphones which provide some of the same noise cancellation aspects for a much lower price. But the sturdiness and the ControlTalk technology is what sets them apart from other headphones.

The bottom line is the Beats Solo HD definitely deliver and are more than what was expected.

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