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When building your brand the number one goal should be to make your brand stand out so it sticks in people's minds. In order to do this your brand must have a distinctive look that is all its on. That look must be consistent where ever it appears; online, in social media, flyers, business cards, and all other forms of media. The message must be clear, so use words and or images that are simple to understand. Most importantly it must have the ability to connect on an emotional level with people through the message it delivers. Your brand should represent your values and principles as a company, so when people feel that connection to your values it will create a bond between them and your brand.

After you have established the logo of your brand, the next step is to start your marketing campaign. In order to be successful with any marketing you have to become familiar with your target audience. It is best to do some market research and analysis to define your target audience. Since your brand is represented by your logo or slogan, sometimes both, you must be diligent and precise about the way it comes across. Once you have built a successful brand, your company will start to flourish in the industry you are in. This is why it is essential to do extensive market research and identify your target audience so you can reap the rewards of brand marketing.

Building brands will never go out of style, however as your brand grows and consumers change you will have to reposition your brand and marketing efforts to keep up with the changing market. This is why market research and analysis is the key factor to the success of your brand. Consumers continuously evolve with a higher level of discernment, so you will have to always be conscious about the needs of your target audience. Customer Service will play a major role in your brands continued success, the accountability of your brand must be paramount. Always be ready to address any issues regarding your brand, this means you must be sure to have a plan in place to protect your brands name. Next the credibility of your brand is essential, so live up to what your brand promises to deliver. In order to survive in today's

market with all the technological changes that consistently develop your brand must be resilient enough to adapt. Being able to adapt while still remaining true to its values and promises keeps your brand current, relevant, and modern.

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