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The album cover art is the first thing potential buyers see when looking for music online and in retail stores. In this article, I intend to give you a few simple tips to help you when brainstorming about the design of your album cover.

1. Your band name or artist name should stand out or be eye catching. If your name can't be spotted at a glance, then your album cover want help your sales.

2. Make your album cover art unique and memorable. Don't forget that presentation is the key to getting potential buyers interested.

3. Don't over do it with images. The human brain can get overloaded by to much detail and images. So allow for some "white space". This allows the brain to focus more on the images that are there.

4. Be sure to choose artwork that reflects the music on the album or mixtape. If you're a rap artists you don't want to have images that are usually used to represent classical music.

5. Do not enlarge or over-scale images. Doing this can really compromise the quality of the image.

6. Get feed back. If you can, show several different design possibilities to fans, friends and family.

7. If you can, utilize the expertise of a professional graphic designer.

In closing, the album cover is more important than you may think. Put some planning and investment into your covers, and it's likely to make a positive difference in your album sales.

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