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Smart musicians know that their career depends on building a loyal relationship with as many fans as possible. But before you can start to build that relationship, you have to get people’s attention…

So how do you cut through the noise?

Well, here’s a simple rule: What stands out gets remembered and talked about. What blends in gets forgotten - or worse - goes unnoticed.

If you want to be remembered and talked about, here are 3 simple and effective ways to do it:

1. Use Stunning Visuals

We live in the age of visual culture. Social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and others are built around images. Images are effective because they capture a message or emotion that we can experience in an instant (that’s great because everyone’s short on time). When you bundle your music with beautiful, awe-inspiring visuals, people will not only notice, but also pass it along. Make your visual appearance a priority - it’s one of the simplest and most effective ways to get more attention.

2. Give People What They Already Want

Whenever you’re trying to motivate someone to take a specific action - like listening to your song, or signing up for your email list - you need to give him or her a good reason to do so. That means you have to offer something they value (or are at least curious about) in return.
Unfortunately your music alone is usually not enough - even if you give it away for free. You need to offer what your ideal fan already wants - before he/she knows you exist.
Here’s an idea: Record a cover version of a popular song and make it sound different: play a rock tune with no guitars, or a jazz version of a rap song. The original artist’s fans will be curious to hear your version - now you’ve got their attention.

3. Inspire Or Enrage

Don’t try to please everyone. If you don’t stand for anything - why should anyone care about what you have to say? When you tap into high-arousal emotions like inspiration or anger, people are more likely to take action. Whether you’re evoking positive or negative feelings - make sure you get people fired up, and they’ll pay attention to you.

by Lukas Camenzind

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