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In today’s ultra-competitive and sometimes over saturated music industry, it is important for independent bands and artists to not only go out and perform in order to gain fans, but to also understand and relate with these people. Knowing who your audience is and what they are all about can help you connect with them on a deeper level in order to gain truly devoted followers of you and your music. These things are necessary in order to independently take your act to the next level!

As an independent artist, your fans are your greatest asset. Learning about them any way possible can turn them from a casual fan to someone who buys your merchandise and attends all of your shows. One of the first things you should ask yourself is “Where do my fans (or potential fans) hang out? What is their ‘scene’? What other artist do they listen to and where do those artist play?” Knowing this will enable you to book shows and events in the right parts of town. This can also work in the digital world too. Do your fans use Facebook or Twitter more often? How active are they on YouTube? Or Reverbnation? Or Myspace (ha!)? If you know these things, you’ll know which online platforms will be important for you to have a strong presence on.

Your fans play a huge part in the success of your merchandise, and understanding these fans can potentially maximize your revenue from sales. You should be aware of how your fans dress, and provide merchandise accordingly. Do they wear makeup frequently? Do they usually wear hats or jewelry? These are things that you can tap into if you remain aware. It’s also important to recognize your average fan’s income level. This will help you to price your merchandise in favor of the fans so they will be able to realistic purchase more merch.
These few tips, combined with many other things, can really help you tap into your core potential audience. Pay attention to how your fans dress, how old they are, and which songs they really got into when performing them live. All these things will create a more fan-friendly environment at your shows, and ultimately increase your casual listeners into die-hard followers.

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