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If you are not already on Youtube, you need to stop reading this and go create an account.  For everybody else that already has an account, hopefully you’ve been utilizing it to its maximum effectiveness.  If not, read on for some easy and helpful tips to improve your Youtube page.

First of all, you should make sure your Youtube Channel is looking the best that it can.  Upload all of your music videos and tweak your channel’s appearance so that it fits with the vibe of your music.   If you don’t have music videos, you should upload any videos that involve you.  Try and get some friends to take videos of your live shows, or maybe take some behind the scenes videos while you're in the recording studio.  The key is to give your fans an inside look into what you are like off stage.  Even if you already have music videos, behind the scenes videos are a great addition to your video collection. 

Make sure to properly tag your videos!  Think of as many descriptive keywords as possible and properly tag your videos.  It’s also important to have a good thumbnail picture of your video to encourage users to check out your videos.

Share your videos!  Make sure you post them to your Facebook and Twitter pages.  It’s also a good idea to go through some of your favorite artists videos and like them as well and subscribe to their channel.  This will help give your fans a better idea of what kind of music you are in to.  You should also be checking out local artist and liking their videos.  A great way to grow your fanbase is to collaborate with similar local artist whose fans would be into your music.

Make yourself accessible!  You should always try to include your website and contact information in the video description or the video itself.  Make sure it’s clear and easy to read.

Get paid for your music!  If you have a songcast account, you can easily imbed a music store onto your Youtube Channel.  That way, when your fans go to check out your new music video, they can have the option to easily purchase the song right from your Youtube page.

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