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Getting your foot in the door to the music industry can be a long and hard process. You may have a few songs prepared or even a few mixtapes and self published albums, but how do you get your name out there? A cost effective way to get it done would be to submit your material for an album review service. Using this service is a great way to start off your marketing strategy.

You typically just have to send the reviewer a copy of your album, mixtape, or song and they will take the time to listen to your music and post a honest review on their site.  Some of these services also include helping you with some of your further marketing for a small fee.

To get an album review, one of the best places online would be www.sputnikmusic.com ... You may have to do quite a bit of networking to get your music posted, but it would be well worth it.  They do quite a few reviews regularly and the best part is your album can even be reviewed by the other site users.

Don't delay, get a review and take the next major step to getting your name out there so your music can be heard by more listeners.

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