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Many artists have found success in the music industry through performing their music, but sometimes the gigs can slow down or even dry up, so how do you continue making money with your original music? Licensing your music to TV and Film is a great way to keep the money rolling in while being able to expose your music to the masses. TV and Film companies are always willing to use quality independent music, and some companies prefer to use independent music

because they don't have the budget to use music from the major labels.

Licensing music is basically giving a TV or Film permission to use your music in a particular scene or even soundtrack. Think about it, how many times have you heard music from known and unknown artist on shows? With all the reality shows that are now being created, there is a growing need for music to just be played in the background and in many cases it's independent music. Now by this point you're probably wondering, "How can I get my music to the people who

control what music is accepted?" Well...

The easy and most affordable way would be to pay close attention to what music is being used by some of your favorite shows. If your genre of music is what is commonly used then you have found a potential TV or Film that could be interested in your work. Do a little research by reading the credits on a particular television program or film. There is always some sort of credit or acknowledgement made to the "Music Director" or "Music Arranger". Once you find that

persons name do some more research by looking them up on the internet. Google is an amazing tool for research.

Now before you start submitting any music for TV or film make sure you join a performance rights organization like ASCAP, BMI or SESAC. These organization act as a middleman to collect any royalties on your behalf from Television shows or Films that uses your songs publicly. If you want to receive royalties from your music, I urge you to join one of these organizations. In addition to receiving licensing fees, you can receive royalties every time the network broadcasts

the TV show that includes your song. As far as film goes, it works a bit different, only royalties that are ever eligible would be if your song was included on a soundtrack or even if the film is broadcasted on TV.

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