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We box with the demon of doubt daily, while at the same time wrestle with our art, fighting to get it just right before we launch, release, publish, ship or produce. The inner dialog is relentless and the process is exhausting. No one else on earth could possibly understand what you go through to manifest just one inch of acceptable, original work. However, this is it, this is what it’s like to be an artist, an entrepreneur, and every single day of your life is “Showtime!” And every single day of your life you have a choice; Stick to the same script, or write a new screenplay. Rehash mediocrity, or manifest magnificence.

Bring to the show:  A finger, pointing in the direction you want to go.
Leave behind: A well thought out plan.

Bring to the show: Your best work—the work you’re afraid to present.
Leave behind: The work that makes you feel safe.

Bring to the show: Gratitude, transparency, genuine humility, and an eagerness to suck up that which you don’t already know.
Leave behind: Your righteous opinions on how things ought to be.

Bring To The show: Your truth.
Leave behind: Everyone else’s.

by J Michael Dolan

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