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Music mixing tips

Posted by on Saturday, October 22, 2016, In : Recording Tips 

Mixing is where it all comes together - it is an important stage.

1 Try and install, at the least some, minimal acoustic treatments. They will assist every mix you do and help you get better results. Side wall absorbers, a ceiling cloud and a few broadband bass traps will help neutralize your room acoustics. It need not be costly if you can do a little DIY.

2 Wherever possible, try to get your loudspeakers as far from the room corners as is possible to do so. This reduces bass tip up. (This is ...
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7 Creative Ways to End a Song

Posted by on Thursday, August 18, 2016, In : Songwirting Tips 

When you're writing, the end of the song is naturally the last thing you think about. You can end cold or you can fade out, but there are numerous other ways to bring your song to a close, such as dissolution, subtraction, cadences, and the false beginning. After all, the last moments of your song are the freshest memory your listeners will have.

Here are seven creative ways to close out your song, with a few examples for inspiration. And please pardon us if the list is a bit Pink Floyd-centri...
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