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Performing Music Gets Us High

Posted by on Thursday, October 27, 2016, In : Finding Inspiration 

Non-musicians are always confounded as to why musicians struggle so much for their art. If you look at it logically, there’s really no reason why some of us would give up promising careers in “legit” businesses to groval for a few bucks in an effort to keep on groveling for one more day. And this is all in the hopes of someday “making it,” which usually means that we can continue making music, just without the day-to-day groveling.

But there’s a reason why we do it. Performing musi...
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7 Rules For Better Songwriting

Posted by on Monday, October 17, 2016, In : Songwirting Tips 

1. Write in the moment.
So many times I've had song ideas that sort of crept up. My best successes have been when I stopped what I was doing and wrote the ideas down. At best, grab your mic and get to work, but at least jot it down. I've even sung lines into my phone so I can remember melodies for later. Keeping a notebook nearby is definitely a necessity for songwriters.

2. Don't be afraid to view songwriting as storytelling and role playing. Use songs to explore things you might not have exp...
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Some Will Always Say You're Wrong

Posted by on Wednesday, October 5, 2016, In : Career Advice 

Some people are into money. Some aren’t.

Some people are inspired by helping the needy. Some aren’t.

Some are into fame, power, and prestige. Others are into anonymity and freedom from responsibility.

It gets more interesting when you realize people have different preferences in the different parts of their life. Famous online, but anonymous in their local community. Generous with time, stingy with money. Introvert when working, extrovert when not.

You have to know your preferences well, beca...
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Why Talent Isn't Enough

Posted by on Thursday, September 29, 2016, In : Career Advice 

Taylor is a killer vocalist. He’s always been a natural and never had to practice much. He doesn’t need to warm up, just shows up, belts, then goes partying with his friends. He’s done shows buzzed or hungover more than once.

Dan’s dream is to be a recording artist. He practices every day. He’s not particularly musical, and he’s rather shy, but he works hard and doesn’t leave the house much.

Luke is a likeable guy and a decent drummer, though not the best. He practi...

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