Why You Should Upload Your Mixtape To Mixtape Sites

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Why should you upload your mixtapes to mixtape sites? The difference between a successful tape and one that doesn't do well is how it's promoted. Every recording artist wants to have a successful mixtape or album. One way to reach your goal is to upload your mixtapes online, with all the music websites you can increase your fan base, and build your reputation.

Most of the sites are free, and you are still able to get great exposure. So this leaves you with more money to invest to get your name out. With time and effort to your craft on a consistent basis you will begin to become successful. Uploading mixtapes isn't only free in many cases, but convenient. It doesn't require any packaging, cases, or CDs that can cost money. In just a matter of seconds after uploading your mixtape you can reach a whole new audience.

Now with all that said, make sure to upload your mixtapes to relevant sites. The promotion of your music is essential, regardless of your target audience. This will increase your chances of your music connecting with people you would have never had a chance to physically meet.

Uploading to mixtape websites make your music a click away from being listened to, and if they like it, a paid download could come in the future. This is the easiest and greatest exposure you can get, it's much better than handing out CDs. By uploading mixtapes to relevant sites you are able to connect straight to fans who are interested in the music you make.

Many of the current artist have used mixtape websites to achieve their success and now you can do it too. There are plenty of sites you can upload mixtapes to, for example: Datpiff.com, thatmixtape.com, mixtapewall.com, mixtapeleak.com, and hotnewhiphop.com just to name a few. To find more google "mixtape websites like datpiff" and you'll be able to build a list of relevant websites to upload your mixtapes to.

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