Why You Should Use Nonexclusive or Leased Beats

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Leasing beats from music producers is one of the least costly ways to get great beats to download for your mixtape or album.  A lease or nonexclusive gives you the ability to use the producers cool rap beats without costing you much.  Buying a nonexclusive or leased beat s basically like renting the producers best with certain limitations but its perfect if you are working with a budget (read terms and conditions on the Contact page for limitations).  For the cost of less than hundred dollars you can have a full album or mixtape with strictly beats you need, leaving you the artist time to focus on what you do best, creating your songs.

Nobody wants to pay hundreds of dollar to buy exclusive beats that never get used on an album.  With a lease you are able see which producers sound best works for you.  Many artist lease a beat download before they buy exclusively.  A lease or nonexclusive purchase also gives you the artist the ability to see what cool rap beats your fans like.  Creating a mixtape with leases is a way of testing the market to find that sound your fans associate you with. Getting that new sound requires you to find a great producer to license beats from.

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