The Audio Technica AT2020

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The AT2020 offers an affordable price, quality, and functionality. The Audio Technica AT2020 plugs into the USB port and offers professional quality recording, it is also small and portable and includes a stand which makes it very stable when recording. The AT2020 is also simple to get going, just plug into your USB port and go into your system preferences and select the AT2020. Just that easy to get it setup for recording your sessions. Only down side to the AT2020 (if you consider it that) is the time lag when recording. The sound must be processed by the sound card before being fed back to the monitor headphones so there is a perceptible lag. This echo can be quite distracting, but you can find some premium software to help rectify this through. For example if you are using FL Studio, just go to "options" and "audio settings". Once there make sure your ASIO4ALL is selected as your "input/output" and click "Show ASIO panel". Then adjust the "ASIO buffer size" to around "224". This is the setting which works best, but your system may be different so tweak the "ASIO buffer size" until you find your recording sweet spot. Therefore, if portability along with quality and functionality are important for you, check out the Audio Technica AT2020. In my opinion it is the best portable USB microphone available. To hear crystal clear, natural sound when recording with the Audio-Technica USB Condenser  Microphone
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