The Indie Bibile: A Useful Resource For Independent Artists

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   Most Music Directories tend to focus on major and larger labels, but The Indie Bible is a great tool for independent recording artists. Its a large book available in various formats, including e-books, Indie Bible Online and a set of directories geared towards venues for the U.S. and Canada. The Indie Bible is a resource focused on providing helpful contacts for artist who are looking to promote their own music and broaden their audience. What makes this directory so useful is The Indie Bible is categorized. So finding what is useful for you and your music isn't quite as difficult as it may seem though the size of directory may be a bit intimidating.

The resources are divided into the following categories:

4200 - Publications from around the world that will review your music

3400 - radio stations from around the world that will play your songs

600 - vendors and services that will help you to sell your music

330 - sites where you can upload your music

500 - helpful resources and sites where you can promote your music

52 - articles that will help your career to move forward rapidly

Plus there are listings for publicists and marketing services

So you can see how The Indie Bible would help independent artists develop their own marketing plan. The most useful component of this great resource is the listing of public and college radio stations that play various genres of music. The bottom line is The Indie Bible is an amazing and outstanding publication for new artists who want to further their career.

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